Treat Mum to an extravagant and luxurious Mother's Day Lunch


eebelle Bar & Grill at Auntie Debbie’s wish to give your Mum, this Mother’s day, 8th May, 2022, a wonderful treat on 8th May from 11.30am. Indulge in a special Mother’s Day buffet whilst listening to live entertainment, provided by Auntie Debbie and Mixed Veg.

Located at the entrance of Auntie Debbie’s beautiful Sapphire Estate.  

Revamped for the occasion with a roof made from sustainable leaves and an Open Air Kitchen.

The location will be beautifully dressed and decorated to create a luxurious and elegant space for your Mum's special treat.

  Whilst you Wine & Dine you will be Serenaded by the sounds of a great live entertainment band who are known island wide for their great sounds, songs and joy that they give to their audience.



Enjoy eebelle’s signature Welcome drink and then sit down to enjoy buffet spread featuring a range of mouthwatering hors d'oeuvres 


Your Hors d’oeuvres will be  followed by dishes like grilled Fish fresh from the Caribbean Sea, flavoured with island seasonings, Brown down stewed chicken and a Vegan speciality of lightly spiced rice wrapped in green leaves. 


Locally sourced salads and vegetables will accompany these dishes. There will be food made with an abundance of love and delicious taste for your Mum, family and friends to enjoy.

Your Mum and all her family and friends can then treat themselves to a range of delectable delicious homemade desserts and cakes to complete their meal whilst the live entertainment continues to play. 

All of this can be enjoyed in a beautiful open air area with a team dedicated to exceptional customer service, here to provide you with a great experience for your Mum to cherish. We’ll even take photos to digitally frame for your Mum as a forever memento of the day. 

Priced at $120 ECD per person, half price for kids under 12. 

Please contact us to reserve your seats at this very special event

WhatsApp +1(758) 287 -3875