Wondering why we celebrate Father's Day?

You may not have come across a place in the US called Spokane, but this city in Washington is reputed to be the founding town of #FathersDay. Sonora was a daughter of a Widowed Dad, her full name was Sonora Smart Dod.

In 1910 #Sonora really wanted to celebrate her Dad in the same way that Mothers are celebrated on #Mother’s Day. Her Mother had unfortunately passed away when she was giving birth to her sixth baby.

A determined Sonora walked the Streets to the local YMCA and various churches to gain support for her idea of a day to celebrate Father’s. #SononraSmartDodd gained the support that she was after and on June 19th 1910, Washington State celebrated the very first Father’s Day. and so the tradition has continued and will be celebrated in #stlucia and the rest of the World on Sunday, June 19th 2022.

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