How to enjoy and cook a delicious nutritious Christophine

Wanted to share a recipe for a vegetable from St.Lucia, West Indies called a Christophine.

For those of you new to the Christophine, let me introduce you to a pear shaped, but larger than a Pear vegetable from the Squash family. Packed with nutrients, anti-oxidants and flavour,  Christophine is truly a Super-Food, helping to reduce inflammation and build strength.

Enjoy our video, featuring Chef Ex @eebelleskitchen 



Eat a Christophine and enjoy the taste, knowing that you are also packing your body full of Vitamin C, Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc and many other minerals.


You’ll also be eating a vegetable that is low in fat and Carbs. @eebelleskitchen would like to introduce our guests to this delicious vegetable.


@eebelleskitchen have seasoned it with garlic, ginger, parsley & St.Lucian celery. Rubbing in Tumeric and curry paste and letting these delicious seasonings soak into the Christophine along with Salt, Pepper & Chilli flakes to tasted for a few hours.

Grill, bake, Saute, or fry according to your preference and enjoy.

Visit us, eebelle Bar & Grill on New Dock Road, Vieux Fort, St.Lucia and ask Chef Ex for some Christophine, freshly cooked to order for you.

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